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IRONMAN FOR KIDS passionately seeks to raise awareness for Trisomy, a chromosomal disorder. Through various sporting events and programs, we strive to educate those that have never heard of trisomy, while also being a support group for families living with the disorder, helping to give them a vibrant voice in society.

2) VISION (What success looks like):

Having folks embrace life no matter how it is given to them. Obviously those affected by trisomy have chosen it in a most heroic way and we seek to educate the public about trisomy and what a benefit to society trisomy children and their families are. We are here to support
them in any way we can.


We have a lot of passion for Life. Needless to say our faith plans a crucial element to our work and where it needs to go. Creativity comes in handy in tough times because you learn to adapt just like in an Ironman race itself. You learn to be thrifty and persistent. Some say that zeal for His house consumes one but I believe that a true zeal for those that make up His house consumes us.

4) LIMITATION (What stands in the way):

Funding. We've accomplished a great deal including a Guinness World Record on very limited funding but to take things to the next level including another Guinness World Record involving thousands at our next Spin to Joy event and a Special Needs Art Gallery we are going to need
some seed money that we have never had. We've done it all pretty much on faith and divine providence.


We need the assistance of seed money because we have a few self-sustaining projects like Spin to Joy ~ World Record, our Special Needs Art Gallery and team TRIsomyLIFE that will be fine by the beginning of 2011 if we only had but a little seed money. We're ready to rock 'n' roll.

6) PLAN:

Our plan is to forge ahead with this creative endeavors and let the world know of our humble efforts while we execute our business plans to make all three of these, Spin to Joy ~ World Record, a first of its kind Special Needs Art Gallery and team TRIsomyLIFE a reality.

7) HELPING OTHERS (Rock their missions):

We donated our first special needs bike through our first annual Spin to Joy to ThereseAnn Seigel in California. She founded http://livingwithtrisomy13.org/ and is a true inspiration to so many t-13 families worldwide.

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Your life has a purpose.
You have a mission.
Live it out loud.

Rock Your Mission.