RYM! Featured Partner: Eric Brewer

Since beginning his guitar career in earnest during high school, Erie native Eric Brewer has quickly managed to establish a solid background in music. While still in high school, he attended music theory and classical guitar at Edinboro University evenings and was able to enter Pittsburgh’s Duquesne University with college music credits already in hand. As a member of a popular college band, he was fortunate to open for many major acts and gained valuable experience at host of great venues. He has also enjoyed countless hours in recording studios, both on his own works and as a session musician. Eric’s guitar playing can be heard on tracks from many artists from local to national. His first solo CD, "What Now?" is currently available for sale or download at all popular internet music sites, as well as through Eric directly.

Currently the member of four bands, Eric has ample opportunity to perform while also working as a busy guitar instructor. He is involved as well in special projects as they arise such as radio and television appearances, workshops, clinics and charity events. Eric was chosen nationally as a top 10 finalist for Guitar Player Magazine’s Guitar Superstar '08 held in San Francisco and competed in front of judges such as Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Andy Summers. Most recently, his own band, Eric Brewer & Friends, won in their category at the 2009 Rock Erie Music Awards. Eric's band and its individual members are also nominated for the 2010 Rock Erie Music Awards, to take place September 26th. at the Bayfront Convention Center. This year's awards will mark the fourth year he has filled the position of stage guitarist for the REMA House Band. Eric's goal will remain one of balancing live performance with song writing, while teaching others the joy of playing an instrument.


Question 1: Purpose and Mission
I believe my purpose/mission in life is to share and pass down knowledge, insight and a good attitude through my chosen craft of music. Music is a powerful thing and can teach us about all facets of the human experience.

Question 2: What does success look like? (Vision)
To me, success has no particular appearance. It stems from something deep down, something more unquantifiable than can be related in physical terms. It is the drive and determination to not back down. But it is also the wisdom of problem solving and of knowing when to strike and when to sit back and allow things to unfold naturally. Success is only possible when you are prepared to fail and try again.

Question 3: Power
My power is the ability to relate to other people through music. Music touches people. It can change lives and is almost always a positive force in a sometimes negative world. I feel truly lucky to be able to affect people in such a deep way and hopefully bring a little joy, even if it's just briefly.

Question 4: Limitations
What stands in my way is usually myself! Many of us are programmed to believe that we are not capable of certain things and often start to doubt ourselves. But I know deep down that we can accomplish anything we put our minds to. Nothing we can imagine is impossible to achieve. If your mind can invision it, there is a way.

Question 5: Need to Overcome
I feel fortunate to have family and friends that have always been willing to help me overcome obstacles. However, I think I need to learn how to help myself more, but believe that will come by learning from the examples of those who do assist me along the way.

Question 6: Plan
My plan is to continue to pursue music full time as I have been for the last six years. Whether I remain at a regional level or break through in the national scene, I'll strive to keep making music my living and will enjoy every second.

Question 7: Helping Others
I am a guitar instructor and dedicate a good deal of my time sharing what I know with others. I belong to several groups, such as RYM!, and as a board memeber for the RockHouse Foundation, a charitable organization of musicians who raise funds to provide disadvantaged children with instruments to play. I enjoy doing what I can to inspire young people to fall in love with music so they can make the music of tomorrow.

Eric will be heading up the RYM! House Band for our RYM! Ignition events. Stay tuned!

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