RYM! Featured Partner: Kim Burney

Background: Kim married her high school sweetheart 10 years ago after being apart 22 years. She is a mother of one and nana of two granddaughters. Having lived across the US from the north to the south and out to the Midwest Kim proudly calls Erie home.
Kim has the distinction of becoming the first female regional director for the national restaurant chain she worked with in the 80’s directing 15 restaurants in the north Florida region. From that strong business background she earned a degree in computer science and started her IT consulting business. Kim’s passions for helping business owners to grow and expand lead her to sell her company last year to pursue her dream of service to the Erie community and beyond.

Organization: CEO Space – Kim started the local club in Erie in October 2009 after attending the Forum in July 2009. CEO Space is a new model for a business trade show that reduces cost and time to reach growth goals. It provides the answers entrepreneurs are looking for through MBA level training, coaching and mentoring and cooperative capitalism model. In Erie alone (CEO Space is in 140 countries and has been around for 23 years) we have revitalized a manufacturing plant, brought back employees and hired more; restored a business that that was on the verge of bankruptcy in December 2009, to today where it is selling over 50k per month and adding over 500 subscribers to their list daily; we have help an early stage company raise capital; authors to get published; helped launched two teens in their music careers; and helped countless others start new ventures to create multiple streams of income.

Question 1: Purpose and Mission
a. My purpose is to provide a space where people come together to work cooperatively to build their dreams – to give them HOPE. To provide the education, mentors, business coaches, investors and contacts that entrepreneurs need to move their projects forward. Offer opportunities for our teens to gain the education and have access to the leaders that can help them pursue their ideas. To create a “safe” environment where investors can freely and confidently invest in new and emerging products and companies with the knowledge that their capital will be well guarded; the entrepreneurs are well educated; and they are treated like the valuable partner that they are.

b. To build abundant communities one person, one family, one business, one city at a time in a spirit of cooperation.

Question 2: What does success look like? (Vision)
Success is creating more jobs and opportunities; cooperation vs competition; seeing the smile of hope on the face of a business owner who discovers like minded people who really want to help; when a new business is open; when a local teenager sings on stage in front of 1500 people with 4 huge screens behind her; when a vet is honored for his service to our country; when a business flourishes instead of closing its doors; when investors feel safe and want to help; when a new product is on the shelf at a local store; when a local author sees his book at the bookstore for the first time; when a city wakes up to its power and the spirit is revitalized; where workers enjoy going to work and are proud of what they produce; and we all live with renewed hope for the future of our children!

Question 3: Power
I am a clarifier. Working with entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, professionals, inventors, and artists to help them to clarify where they are in this moment and where they would like to go. I have a strong belief in people – I believe that there is greatness in every single person I come across and if we can just tap into that spirit of greatness nothing can stand in our way of success in whatever they pursue. As a Certified Miracles Coach, I am able to help people see their limiting beliefs and remove them. God leads me to doors and I go through them without asking why – which has lead me to some of the most incredible opportunities.

Question 4: Limitations
Thinking that I have to be something that I am not – understanding what there is for me to do and letting others do what they have to do. There is brilliance in God’s simple statement, “I am that I AM.” For me it is simply, I am that I am and I do what I do. Remembering that is sometimes difficult.

Question 5: Need to Overcome
Thinking that there is not enough time…

Question 6: Plan
Continue to provide weekly meetings for our local CEO Space club and invite like-minded business people to come together in a spirit of cooperation to help create Our Abundant Community, starting right here in Erie. Help those pursuing their ideas, products, ventures, etc to get to the next level.

Question 7: Helping Others
Giving of my time and resources to help others pursue their dreams.

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