7BQ Profile: Greg Schlueter

Background: Prior to seven years ago, Greg was developing and directing nonprofit organizations at local and national levels, particularly in the faith/family/character arenas. He pioneered models for integrating multimedia, web, events and modern technology into overall vision/mission fulfillment. Greg began companies (Imago Dei Video Productions / ID Genesys) to aid other organizations -- where he subsequently contributed to the successes of projects for Disney, Walden, HBO, A&E, CBS, Boy Scouts of America, and others. 

In 2008, Greg and wife, Stephanie (and six children), embraced a call to devote their gifts and energies to building local community.  Greg created ErieAlityTV, which introduced ABC/ Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to Clara Ward.  Rock Your Mission! is a nonprofit outreach of Image Trinity - committed to a big vision of helping individuals and organizations discovering their purpose/ mission and "living it out loud."  

Organization: Rock Your Mission (Image Trinity)

1) What is your purpose? Your mission?
My purpose and mission is to build a movement that unites individuals and entire communities in fully discovering who they are-- their purpose and mission in life, and to live it to the fullest. 

2) What does success look like?

Success looks like this: people in their homes, schools, businesses and organizations sharing a common language and journey of mission-fulfillment; they are inspired by "high octane" events and support programs; the journey/ stories are showcased broadly through multimedia (TV/ radio/ print), web, social media, and other means; a vital network of "coaches" comprise support structures and programs; everyone understands they are a coach- that they have the power to help others fulfill their missions.  

3) What is your power?

Vision / Faith. I can see the shape of it all, and know it will be fueled by people who desire to be the most they were created to be... as a part of a dynamic, loving, "mission-conscious" community. Leadership. I know what I am not, and what I have not. This is bigger than me. Therein is the basis for community movement. I get to invite others with the gifts and resources to help make this happen. Connections- to numerous people with great gifts who can make this happen. Motivation. Not that I'm old, but at my age (42) you begin to think more about what enduring difference you're called to make... what lasting legacy do you want to leave behind? For me, this is IT-- and I'm inviting others to share IT!  

4) What stands in your way (limitations)?
Personal.  Anyone who wants to succeed has to have a gut-level honesty about themselves. I'm human. Not only am I limited in my energy, time, gifts and resources, I don't possess all the "wiring" it takes for this to be the most it's meant to be. Culture of Mediocrity.  People have many things competing for their time. Many of these give us a vicarious sense of mission-fulfillment, but leave us all the more unfulfilled and empty-- versus the exhilaration of freely flying in the sky meant for us.   

5) What help do you need to overcome?
This movement will be ignited if people like you reading this are caught by the vision and possibility-- and get on board (sign up to the right)... both for yourself, and for others... recognize the potentiality for our entire community.  There have been years of development leading up to this.  We are a non-profit corporation, have a distinguished board and local/national partners to keep everything at the highest level of integrity.  We are just now seeking funding that will enable this to take off and soar. After years of directing nonprofit organizations, I truly believe we have a movement that is truly worth your investment; I'm giving my life to it. If we succeed, entire communities will succeed.

6) What is your plan?

There is excellence among us.  RYM! seeks to tap it, brand it, showcase it and structure it in a BIG way. Right now that means continuing to throw out the net, invite others to tune into the possibility of their best self, to build our organizational capacity. Specifically, we're going to profile our partners (like this profile), engage new partners who are using the 7BQ's, showcase them through visual-media, connect with school leaders to gain their involvement for our big events, develop capacity for through power point, and in general maintain broad communication through e-blasts, web and social media. 

We hope to have a premiere event this Fall for prospective funding partners and school leaders, with the first RYM! tour in high schools in Winter, 2011.  We hope to have this fully launched for the 2011-2012 school year.   

7) How are you helping others do the same?

Others fulfilling their purpose/ mission is our purpose/ mission. Helping others in this capacity is our defining reason for existence. 

[If you would like to be profiled (individual or organization), please submit your 7BQ answers to RockIt@RockYourMission.com. The assumption is that you're signed up and on-board.]