We’re going to reach deep into the heart of young people, invite them to dream big dreams, to discover their purpose and mission in life, and to live it out loud! 

RYM! is going to rock communities with a powerful movement that dares to suggest: 1) You have a purpose, a mission in life, 2) Community is the context for us to attain excellence... to transcend our selves, and 3) ALL organizations exist for this purpose. The core-truth of RYM! is that we were created for greatness.

Integrated movement. This is bigger than any one person. We're going to accomplish this through high-octane events integrated with a dynamic web and multi-media. We're going to unite parents (homes), teachers (schools), youth and the community structures in recognizing and living our call to excellence.  We hope to engage high schools in the Erie region, their leaders, students, teachers, parents and the community rallied around them.

The heart are the 7BQs (Seven Big Questions):
RYM! wants every individual to be able to answer key, big questions that chart the success of every individual, family, team and organization. See them on the right.  Get on board now with your personal purpose/mission, and invite your organizational leaders to do the same with their organization. We have a growing group of premiere "coaches" who are distinguished with both local and national success. Sign up to stay connected to this growing community-transformation!

Time is the currency of mission-fulfillment. How are you spending it?


Email: RockIT@RockYourMission.com